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Evan A. Sugden

Entomologist, Teacher, Illustrator

Some things I enjoy:

EAS on Mt. LassenI enjoy backpacking, mountaineering, sea kayaking, cross-country and alpine skiing, mountain biking, & nature photography. I'm a certified SCUBA diver and have explored marine environments on the Great Barrier Reef (Australia), around Bermuda, and in both the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf. I have been a practicing beekeeper for 27 years in hobby, development, research, and professional capacities.



Entomo-Logic was formed in 1995 in Seattle to encompass several sales, service, and development interests. These included Blue Orchard Bee management and production, pollination and honey production, software editing, and illustration. Subsequently, the business umbrella has encompassed exhibit design and general design. In 1999 the company moved it's official location to Monroe.

Business Record

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